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Mediation & Mediation Testimonials


Having litigated real estate and business disputes and drafted real estate and business agreements, I understand the applicable laws and how a court of law may rule if you do not settle at mediation.  Having sold property as a Real Estate Broker, I am familiar with the unspoken customs and practices of brokerages.

I am an independent mediator and I also serve on several mediation panels including the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®'s  "Real Estate Mediation Center for Consumers." 

As your mediator, I listen first and do not try to force a settlement to keep a batting average, though my resolution rate is over 95%.  I look for the unspoken emotional undercurrents of your dispute.  Raised in three different cultures, I’m able to connect and empathize with individuals from all walks of life.  I have successfully handled high conflict and highly emotional mediations.  
I can streamline the mediation of a litigated matter and make settlement a reality in a hostile atmosphere.  

Through my experience as a litigator, I help you “assess and manage your risks” by identifying what the opposing party may bring to light at trial or in arbitration and make a calculated business decision as to whether you would benefit from settling.  I’m persistent and think outside the box to create solutions where none seem possible.

Attorneys and parties have stated that my compassionate style, ability to listen, expertise in this area of the law, analytical skills and tenacity helped them overcome obstacles to settlement in volatile situations and complex cases. 


            "My clients and I felt that you were great. Not only did you assist us in 
             settling the case, but the mediation involved a personal sensitive matter
             causing individuals to cry and you handled them with a lot of grace
             and understanding.  My clients and I were very happy.
                 - Rinat Klier-Erlich, Esq., MANNING & KASS, ELLROD, RAMIREZ, TRESTER. January 25, 2016

            "Samira was an excellent mediator who handled a very volatile matter
             with the utmost professionalism and care.  I would highly recommend her
             as a mediator
                        - Anton Abramyan, Esq., R.A. & ASSOCIATES, APLC. October 4, 2014.

            "Samira Kermani's mediation skills exceeded our expectations.  We were
             sure we'd have to go to court, but her tenacity, ability to listen and
             sensitivity to the emotions underlying the issues opened up a dialogue
             that led to settlement.  
             Samira Kermani is truly the "poster professional" of mediators.
                                                      - Dennis L., Esq., in pro per.  May 18, 2015. 

             "I am very grateful to you for mediating this [matter] very smoothly
              and getting the best result for both opposing parties.  I will definitely
              contact you for future matters
                         - Sherry Sada, Broker/CEO, SELLSTATE EXCLUSIVE REALTY.  February 6, 2015.

              "Just wanted to reach out to you again to thank you for your great
                assistance in the mediation with Century 21.  Although the parties
                did not reach a resolution, I believe that mediation was very helpful
                for my client, deepening her resolve to find justice and buttressing
                her faith in our position.
                                          -  Chad M. Gordon, Esq. THE GORDON GROUP, January 28, 2015. 

                I am pleased to let you know that the buyer has funded and
                we are scheduled to record and close as agreed.  We would like 
                you to keep the [refundable portion] that was paid, as a token 
                of our appreciation for the work you did as a mediator as 
                without a mediator it may be impossible to get parties to 
                come together and [reach] a solution. Feel free to share this 
                with anyone you'd like as we sincerely mean every word.
                        -  Sabrina Simpson, Realtor, CDPE, CHS, QSC, REeBROKER, INC.  November 5, 2014.

             "On behalf of our Company, thank you for your diligent work in 
              helping to resolve our recent legal conflict. Your patience, expertise,
              and genuine sincerity was instrumental in making our mediation successful,
              as arbitration and further litigation was avoided due to your efforts. 
              If we or any of our clients require such services, we will be sure
              to recommend them to you. 
              Thank you again for a professional service well done
                             -  L.F. Owner of an Orange County Real Estate Brokerage.  September 19, 2014.